Remuneration and Nomination
  • To advise the Board on,  lead the process for Board appointments and ensure that the Board and its Committees have an appropriate balance of skills, experience, availability, independence and knowledge of the Company to enable them to discharge their respective responsibilities effectively.
  • To advise the Board on developing an overall remuneration policy that is aligned with the business strategy and objectives, risk appetite, values and long term interests of the Company.
  • To review and approve the key performance indicators of Executive Management and must keep up to date and fully informed about strategic issues and commercial changes affecting the Company and the market in which it operates.
Board Credit Committee
  • To direct, monitor, review and consider all issues that may materially impact on the  present and future quality of the bank's credit risk management.
  • To direct the formulation of, review and monitor the credit principles and policies of the banking institution.
  • To ensure that there are effective procedures and resources to identify and manage irregular problem credits, minimise credit loss and maximise recoveries.
  • To Review and oversee the overall lending policy of the bank and to deliberate and consider loan applications made  beyond the discretionary limits.
Risk and Audit
  • To review the financial condition of the banks, internal controls, performance and findings of the internal auditors, and to recommend appropriate remedial action quarterly.
  • To review and assess the integrity of the risk control systems and ensure that the risk policies and strategies are effectively managed.
  • To set out the nature, role, responsibility and authority of the risk management function within the banking institution and outline the scope of risk management work.
  • To monitor external developments relating to the practice of corporate accountability and the reporting of specifically associated risk, including emerging and prospective impact.
  • The committee shall provide independent and objective oversight and review of the information presented by management on corporate accountability and specifically associated risk.
Loans Review
  • To assist the Board with discharging its responsibility to review the quality of the bank's loan portfolio independently of any person or committee responsible for sanctioning credit.
  • To ensure the conformity of the loan portfolio and lending function  to a sound lending policy which is documented, approved and adopted by the Board.
  • To ensure that the credit policy and risk lending limits are reviewed at least on an annual basis and as and when the environment so dictates.
  • To ensure that the Bank's potential and specific bad debts are adequately provided for.