BancABC recognises that sustainable development is dependent upon a positive interaction between economic growth, environmental protection as well as social upliftment. As a responsible corporate citizen, BancABC has a policy framework that is designed to ensure that all projects supported adhere to environmental and social regulations of the relevant local, national and international laws and standards.

This policy framework commits BancABC to:

  • Provide in-house environmental education and support;
  • Recognise the environmental burden caused by consumption of resources and release of waste from our own business activities and aim to protect the environment through resource recycling as well as efficient use of energy and resources;
  • Support business activities that contribute to the protection and improvement of the environment;
  • Monitor the effects of our activities on the environment and work towards continuous improvement and pollution prevention;
  • Comply with all applicable laws and regulations related to environmental protection and other requirements to which BancABC Group companies are subject to and subscribe to; and
  • Provide financing to projects with minimal adverse impact on the environment while ensuring that those having potentially major adverse environmental and social impact are accompanied by adequate mitigation measures.

In order to ensure compliance with the last of these commitments, BancABC's credit risk assessment ensures that the social and environmental effects of its financial support are assessed and monitored. This Environmental and Social Review Appraisal Procedure (EASP) enables the integration of the environmental safeguards in projects so as to ensure that the potential risks associated with environmental and social issues as earlier mentioned are appropriately identified and mitigated.

Key components of the EASP are:

  • An assessment of potential and current environmental and social risks and impacts arising out of the proposal; and
  • The commitment and capacity of the borrower to manage these impacts.

Against this background, the procedure ensures that projects financed by BancABC are environmentally and socially sound and sustainable and that any potential environmental and social risks are identified, evaluated and where necessary, mitigated. In line with its policy, BancABC will not finance any business activity that cannot reasonably be expected to meet the required Environmental and Social standards up front.

As an African bank, BancABC recognises it has a responsibility to uplift and support social programmes in Africa . That is why, through various programmes and initiatives in Southern Africa, BancABC continues to be involved in the development of the most vulnerable group on our continent - women and children. BancABC believes that only when the women and children of Africa are free to pursue their dreams will the continent unlock its full potential.

BancABC is also a patron of the arts. We also believe that a vibrant arts and culture is a vital expression of our continent's identity. Africa boasts a rich artistic and cultural heritage that is as diverse as its people. This heritage is the soul of our continent and in order for it to grow and thrive, needs to be nurtured and celebrated. It is for this reason that BancABC offers unwavering support in helping develop this vital element of the african continent.