Values, Vision and Mission

BancABC's core values are the result of broad stakeholder consultation and centre on five distinct areas. They remain the guiding principles by which we operate and form the basis of our corporate personality.

Integrity is a key value of the Group which is the ability to be reliable, ethical, credible, and trustworthy with a great sense of heritage. Our cast iron ethics form our unquestionable character and business practice.

Passion describes the people focused, accessible, personal and customised approach, anchored on vital African energy. In short, we are passionate because we believe in and love what we do.

Innovation embodies the key traits of being visionary, dynamic, energetic, challenging and agile. In practical terms, adoption of this core value means devotion to driving change by provoking new ideas and always doing things differently.

Professionalism entails being uncompromising, focused, and confident in offering world-class products and services. We strive for excellence in what we do, and are always seeking to improve on our performance.

People is the essence of our existence. Our world class staff, customers, clients, shareholders and stakeholders define our ambitions, success and passion. Our passion for people makes us customer-centric.

Guided by these core values, BancABC's vision is to be the preferred banking partner in Africa by offering world class financial solutions.

Aligned to this vision BancABC's mission is to build profitable, lifelong customer relationships through the provision of a wide range of innovative financial products and services; to the benefit of all our stakeholders.