Privacy Policy

ABC Holdings Limited and its subsidiaries (collectively "BancABC") respects the need for privacy. This policy outlines the principles that BancABC deploys with respect to how personal information of visitors to this website will be treated. This policy applies to all personal information collected electronically by visitors who use this website, contact BancABC electronically or register for any of the services offered.

The personal information protected by this policy relates to all data that identifies specific individuals or entities, including for example name, age, gender and identity number; financial information such as assets and liabilities, income and payment records; any information relating to transactions, investments and all associated information.

Collection of personal information is necessary in order to assist BancABC in providing effective service relating to use of this website and all products and services offered herein. Personal information may be collected, combined and analyzed to compile profiles that assist BancABC to tailor services offered to meet identified specific needs.

BancABC recognizes the value of all personal information that is provided and therefore takes reasonable steps to protect it from loss, misuse or unauthorized alteration.

BancABC undertakes that Personal information will only be collected, processed, stored and disclosed with the express written permission of the persons involved.

The exception to this is where legal requirement dictates, and in this instance the bank undertakes to use such information only for the lawful purpose required. In the event that such disclosure is required, the bank undertakes to disclose, in writing, the specific purpose for which the personal information will be we requested, used and stored.

BancABC undertakes that personal information will not be used for any purpose other than that disclosed to all concerned parties unless express written permission to do so is given, or unless such action is permitted  by law.

All visitors to this site hereby provide BancABC with express written permission to analyze and combine personal information for profiling purposes, and to share promotional material in the ordinary course of the bank's business of providing services.

Users to the website may at any point update or correct any personal information held by the bank, by using the 'Contact Us' details provided on the homepage; alternatively, customers may provide updated information to their allocated account relationship managers.

Users of the website may at any stage after providing consent for the bank to use personal information, choose to withdraw this consent. This can be done by contacting the bank either through the Contact Us information provided in the website, or by communicating with appointed account relationship managers.


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