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BancABC is proud to sponsor properties that optimise our values of Integrity, Passion, Innovation, Professionalism and People. We thank you for your interest in sponsorship but unfortunately, we cannot support them all. If you are considering approaching us with a sponsorship proposal, please bear the following in mind:

The criteria that we look at include:
  • Will the sponsorship support the brand objectives and values?
  • Will it build the brands corporate image and reputation?
  • How does the sponsorship provide commercial returns?
  • Does it have a positive impact on different stakeholders (such as the community and our staff)?
We do not sponsor:
  • Religious activities/events
  • Political associations / groups
  • Initiatives/Programmes that promote Racism/ Sexism or any form of discrimination
  • Initiatives/Programmes that might support the use of drugs
  • Initiatives/Programmes that are related to the use of promotion of tobacco
  • Initiatives/Programmes that are related to gambling
  • High risk (life threatening) activities

If you find that your sponsorship proposal meets all these criteria, please feel free to email it to us.
Your proposal should include:

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Proposals will be confidentially shared with appropriate personnel for review. We will affirm receipt of all proposals and will review and respond to all proposals within 60 days of submission.

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